Meet The Opulent Knee®

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Advantages at glance

  • Outstanding biocompatibility

  • Allergy preventive

  • Hardness superior to cobalt chromium-based alloys

  • Higher wettability with synovial fluids

  • Low Friction articulation

  • Long-term chemical stability

  • Avoids inflammation and endoprosthetic loosening

  • Extreme adhesive strength 

Bionik Gold Surface

The OPULENT Bionik Gold surface is for allergy and wear protection of knee implant. Macroscopically, the Bionik Gold surface presents a metallic, light golden yellow appearance whereby the coating forms an extremely strong bond with the implant.

The Bionik Gold surface prevents direct contact of the base material with the surrounding tissue and reduces the release of particles and ions due to wear.


TiNbN (Titanium Niobium Nitride)

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Joint replacement implants, particularly knee and hip prostheses, are subject to a high degree of load and wear inducing movement that results in the release of abrasive particles. Wear and also the release of metal ions is caused by contact stress between the implant’s polyethylene bearing surfaces and the metallic components. Wear debris and metal ions have been shown to be the main cause of inflammation, premature loosening and allergic reactions associated with joint replacement implants.

In comparison to other joint prostheses, knee replacement implants, which are mainly manufactured from cobalt/ chromiumbased alloys, are required, for technical reasons to consist of up to 1 percent nickel traces. They also have a far larger bearing surface area than other joint prostheses. This can result in the continuous release of allergenic metal ions (nickel, chrome or cobalt) into the tissue surrounding the implant. Hence, the risk of post implantation adverse tissue reactions is particularly high in patients that are prone to allergy.

Additionally, one of the main development goals of modern manufacturing technologies, for new orthopaedic implants, is to improve their surfaces to avoid allergic reactions and wear debris caused by the articulating components.

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